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5th Edition of Art Camp, Ordino, Andorra, 28th of july 2016


August 1, 2016


Art Camp is an initiative "Art as a tool for Peace", gathering artists from 5 continents and countries of conflicts, 

it's an unique occasion through art and for art to work together, to respect each other and to build bridges for Peace.

It's a project of the National Commission of UNESCO in Andorra.


Art Camp Andorra inauguration of the 5th Edition in Ordino, on the 28th of July, with Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Gilbert Saboya, Minister of Culture Mrs Olga Gilbert, 

President of the UNESCO Commission in Andorra Mr Josep Dalleres, Deputy Mayor of Ordino Mrs Gemma Riba and Hedva Ser, UNESCO Artist for Peace, Godmother of Art Camp, and the secretary general of UNESCO Commission Mr Jean-Michel Armengol, and the curator of Art Camp Mr Faust Campana





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